Advantages of a European Citizenship


Gaining citizenship of one of the European Union member states carries many benefits.

Children and grandchildren of European ancestors may still be eligible for EU citizenship and many people understand the importance of securing EU citizenship for future generations.

EU citizenship is not only a way to travel freely within Europe or in countries which allow entry with a valid EU passport without the need for visas.

More significantly, under EU rules, any person with citizenship in one EU country is allowed to live and work in any of the other EU countries, without restrictions.

Unlike non-EU nationals, as a citizen of one of the European member states, you will be entitled to work and to set up a business, without the need for a visa and work-permit.

Besides living and working wherever you want, you can also, among other things, take advantage of economic and political changes, job opportunities, study in Europe with preferred rates, and in some cases,claim welfare payments and free healthcare.