What is a European Passport?

“EU” passports do not exist; rather, each individual member state in the EU offers its own passport. The European Union is not one country and does not issue passports. The EU is a politically bound area, a collection of 28 European member countries, each with its own nationality law. You must qualify for citizenship with one of these countries through your grandparents’ lineage and claim that specific citizenship in order to apply for that country’s passport. That passport grants all the benefits of being a part of the EU.


Can I hold dual or multiple citizenships?

The US, South Africa, Canada, Israel, Australia and New Zealand allow their citizens to hold dual citizenship.


Can my children obtain a European citizenship through me?

Each nationality law determines if you are eligible to claim citizenship through your grandparents’ lineage. In most cases children and grandchildren can also become citizens of the European country, however some member states force you to claim your citizenship by a certain age.


Claim your EU Citizenship