Satisfied Clients

C. Weiss: Obtained Hungarian Citizenship and a Hungarian Passport

My grandfather was born in Hungary and immigrated to Israel in 1952. For many years my family tried to retrieve documents and proof of my grandfather’s Hungarian citizenship. With the help of the researchers from ALLEUPASSPORTS we were able to obtain my grandfather’s original Hungarian passport and original Hungarian Birth Certificate. After a process of two years my siblings and I received Hungarian Citizenship and a Hungarian Passport. We are most grateful to ALLEUPASSPORTS for their professional efforts and fantastic services.

C. Weiss


A. Hart: Obtained Dutch Citizenship and a Dutch Passport

My grandparents were born in the Netherlands and immigrated to Canada. Obtaining the Dutch passport gave me the opportunity to study for my Masters at the University in Amsterdam and work in the Netherlands. Initially my application was denied by the Dutch Foreign Ministry, but thanks to the efforts of a local representative of ALLEUPASPORTS, I received my Dutch nationality.

A. Hart

European passport holders at a British airport